No, not us.  Humans, welcome to our blog. Why not start it off by recommending you visit a different site?  Don’t fret, this one is defunct.  Choosing my favorite site on the interwebs is an impossible task, there’s such range. But was definitely a top contender. The comic geniuses who wrote for that site were among today’s best. Unfortunately, they sold out, and now all that remains is a shell of their witty style which pitches psuedo Cliff’s Notes for Barnes and Noble’s.

Before they were acquired by iturf, and then later B&N, they were famous for their irreverent online tests (some of which still exist in their original form here, although most were emasculated after the buy-out.  Try the gender test which is amazingly accurate at guessing your gender) and their “Science Projects” which included the Stinky Feet Diaries, the Date My Sister Project, Stinky Meat, etc. Thank God for the Wayback Machine (another best of the web contender) for keeping these classics alive after they were shoved aside for commerce.  Be patient, sometimes it takes a moment to load pages.

Lest I forget, they were also famous for their online cards, whose humor sums up that of the site

So crappy that things this good always get shafted. I’d think there’d be a market for a site as well written as TheSpark. I’d have paid for a membership. I miss you,

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