That's Bullshit!If there’s one thing my family does well, it’s lovingly poke fun at one another. One common fun-poking involves my dad’s overuse of the term “bullshit.” Somewhere in his past, he lost the ability to describe things as stupid, wimpy, ridiculous, outlandish, or frustrating. Instead, they’re all bullshit. To honor my father, I plan on having posts under the “That’s Bullshit” moniker for little things that I find (insert negative adjective here). My initial TB post has to do with snowflakes:

There is no way that all snowflakes are unique. I’m calling bullshit on that right now. We’ve all accepted that “truth” for too long, and I’m speaking up. Here’s my rationale: I believe that there is a finite number of snowflake permutations. Think about making one out of paper – there are only so many snips that can be made. For the sake of argument and to prove I’m trying to look at this objectively, let’s say that finite number is in the ballpark of 10 billion. Yes, with a B. With that giant number in mind, how many individual snowflakes do you think hit the ground each year in the U.S. alone? How about in the entire world? How about since the existence of Earth? You’re telling me that no two flakes have ever had the same pattern? How do we know that? Let’s examine the scientific method by which that “fact” was established. How many individual snowflakes did people look at under a microscope before making this claim? 1,000? 100,000? Even a few million would not be enough. I don’t believe the unique snowflake claim, and I doubt anything’s going to change my mind. So there.

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